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Welcome João Fontes Machado, #Data #Analytics & Automation @innovationatEDP. He'll talk about Supervision and Remote #FaultDetection on #PV Self-Consumptions Units on November 29 at the #IoT in #Energy virtual conference. Save 50% here: https://hubs.ly/H0YPXLB0 #ICT #AI #power

EDP and @RepsolWorldwide entered into an agreement to implement #RenewableHydrogen projects.

This agreement focuses on the assessment of investment opportunities for the two companies in renewable hydrogen projects across Portugal and Spain. 👉 https://bit.ly/3vdolqh

Congratulations to the EDP Ventures' portfolio company, @YData_ai. 🙌 The Portuguese startup of artificial intelligence solutions raised €2.3 million in a financing round. Find out more: https://bit.ly/3AAkGDY.

From Climate Change to Diversity and Inclusion, passing through Biodiversity, on the last nine months we brought to you nine big sustainability messages. Follow our Road To Knowledge to recap and find more at: https://bit.ly/3AAxCtr.

In a few years, our houses will have intelligent sensors. However, how are these sensors going to communicate? Using 5G grids! Will be answer to the identified needs? That’s the topic of the next R&D Session. Join us on October 7th at 5pm (Lisbon time)! 👉 https://bit.ly/3CjEInH

Yes, it’s true, your ability to innovate can really change the world. And at #EDPTraineeProgram, all this will be possible. Do you want to live a unique experience? Go ahead! Know more and apply until October 24th: https://www.edp.com/en/edp-trainee-program

Choose to invest in sustainable projects instead of having a traditional savings account at a bank. Because where you invest your money matters!
Find out other tips on #SustainableFinance at https://bit.ly/3m189UR
#NowOrNever #EDPChangingTomorrowNow #PoweringSustainableLives

Ladies and gentlemen: start your engines! ⚡
Sprint Module 2 of Free Electrons Program 2021 starts today, hosted by CLP!

Stay tuned for Energy updates!
#InnovationatEDP #FreeElectrons2021

O #EDPTraineeProgram está de volta e procura quem queira mudar, já hoje, o amanhã. Esta experiência única é aberta a pessoas de todo o mundo, que integrarão diversos projetos de inovação da EDP. As candidaturas estão abertas até 24 de outubro, aqui 👉http://ms.spr.ly/6017XZlBz

One of #EDPPortugal projects to achieve decarbonization is #BEHYOND, a project that uses wind for producing #hydrogen, creating a perfect combination with another renewable resource - water - in a sustainable way. You can read all about this project 👇

The #EDPTraineeProgram is looking for people who want to change tomorrow now. This experience is made of people from all over the world, who will integrate several of EDP's innovation projects. Applications are open until October 24th. GO AHEAD! https://bit.ly/3tZFYcC

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